Fun Sized

About a week ago, I downloaded the training schedule from the Bataan Memorial Death March website. The schedule was specifically designed for running a marathon. If you’ve run a marathon then you’ve probably seen this schedule. Here’s the challenge – it’s not a schedule designed for hiking a marathon. But it’s a start. And I’m guessing this training schedule will probably change many times over and I’m ok with that.

(If you’re lost and have no idea what I’m talking about, check out my first post HERE.)

So, here’s the funny thing. The second day of my training schedule was a REST DAY. Can you believe that? A rest day? The old me would be totally hip to that fact. Happily, those days are gone. My rest included mowing the yard, pruning four trees and getting the outside ready for Halloween.

Long story short. It was a rest day. It was Halloween and I fun sized the hell out it. Tomorrow’s sugar hangover will be anything but fun sized.

But at least I have this funny and loving woman supporting me every step of the way!

PS – Have I mentioned that all of this scares the hell out of me? Seriously. The sugar coated shell of me says, “I got this. It will be fun. It’s all about … blah, blah…” But the gooey center of me ain’t buying it just yet. Which means, there’s some emotional work to be done. Character defects that need to be addressed and understood.  


Michael C Hernandez