7 Things You Need to Know Before You Sign Up for a Half Ironman

One day I decided to sign-up for an IRONMAN 70.3. I had number one down but the following six things I recommend for any novice.

7 Things You Need to Know Before You Sign Up for a Half Ironman

1. Meet with a doctor and nutritionist to evaluate your overall health and eating habits. Makes adjustments as needed.

2. Find a coach. A coach that’s right for you and your goals. It’s much easier than going it alone. Trust them.

3. Know why you are doing it. It has to be something inside of you. If it’s to prove to others. Don’t. That fades away.

4. Don’t skip workouts. Don’t makeup workouts. Your plan is there for a reason. Follow it. Time moves quickly.

5. Form matters. Whether it’s running, swimming or biking. Form can keep you injury free and at peak performance.

6. Communicate with your coach. It’s a two-way street. You have to help each other in order for you to get better.

7. REMEMBER THIS. LEARN HOW TO SUFFER. Pain is just a sensation. Your mindset determines if you quit or breakthrough. Those who can suffer the longest are usually the ones that can push just a little further and harder than you.

Those are the seven biggest a-ha’s I had in the beginning. I would also add to make sure you get plenty of sleep, keep your nutrition and hydration in check and most of all, have fun. The stress will get to you if you let it. Sure, the suffering isn’t going to be fun but find the moments that can be fun and dig into those. If not, then why the hell are you doing it?

I’m still in training so I’m positive I will repeatedly add and subtract from this list. Probably cussing it as well. One thing I know for sure. If you have the desire and the discipline, you will find the time to achieve just about anything. My wife taught me that and now my coach, Jen Keith is helping me make my dream of competing in an IRONMAN 70.3 a reality.