I Want You to Worry About Everything

Are you focusing all your time and energy on worrying about the future?

It’s OK to say yes – it’s human nature to worry about the future but it’s not completely healthy or helpful.

Agreed? Good.

So, here’s what I want you to do.  Tomorrow, I want you to worry. I mean really worry. Yes, you heard me right. Worry about everything – your job, your family, that next IRONMAN triathlon, the mortgage, and your health – all of it.

Tomorrow morning when you wake up I want you to spend the first 30 minutes of your day worrying. Write it on your calendar – “Uninterrupted Worrying About the Future.” Tell your family and friends this is DO NOT DISTURB time.

DO NOT drink your coffee, read the paper, get in that morning run or feed the dog during your worry time. That will only water it down. I want you devote your full attention to nothing but serious worrying.

Then, after that half-hour has passed, you’re going to declare a ban on that kind of thinking for the entire day – morning, afternoon, and night.

But before you do, ask yourself, “ What did you accomplish in that time? Write down your answer.

Now look down at that piece of paper. What’s on it? Absolutely nothing? Zip. Zilch. Nada – donut?

You see, if you’re just going to sit and worry all day long, it’s not going to do you a darn bit of good because you will have nothing to show for it – except more grey hair (if you have hair), anxiety and stress – and still no control.

The future you are worrying (or in some cases complaining) about is out of your control. (Hint: the keyword here is control.) You cannot and will not have control over any future result in your life. Yet you spend enormous amounts of time and energy worrying about it – trying to control it or predict it; which is completely unproductive.

But all is not lost – There are steps you can take to remove worry from your life.

Ready for the help?

In order to remove or reduce your worry levels, you need to reframe how you think about your future.

You cannot control your future but you can influence it. Which means you have the ability to positively affect your future by the right actions you take today. Right now.

Here’s a simple example: If you do the right things in your career you will have a greater chance of getting a raise but there are no promises that you will. If you spend each night reading to your children, you will have a better chance of establishing a loving and caring relationship with them – but there are no promises that you will. If you dedicate yourself to completing a training plan you will be in a better position to compete but there’s no guarantee you will cross the finish line.

Just know, if you keep worrying about your future then be prepared to accept the results you are getting because they’re the results you should be getting. It’s simple cause and effect. Not witchcraft, voodoo, hocus-pocus or fate.

If you want to worry less about your future do things differently. Respond in a different way to your current circumstances. Realize that the “emotions” associated with worrying impacts the way you think.

The way you think impacts the way you act or perform – which influences your future.

To worry or not to worry – the choice is yours.


If you suspect that you might suffer from generalized anxiety disorder, also known as GAD, please contact your local health care professional.